Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a hermit's weekend...

o was away at school this weekend and as my workday came to a close on friday, i was exhausted.  i had plans to go to chebeague with jay and em.  i was all packed and ready to go, when i had a sudden change of heart.  the hermit in me wanted to stay home.  so i did.

that night i worked on knitting, cleaned the house  little, caught up on blogs, and watched some 30 rock.  i woke up on saturday and decided to go to an early yoga classes.  when i emerged from the class it was pouring rain.  the hermit in me smiled...this home weekend was shaping up quite nicely.  i got a call from jedd to see if i wanted to hit up the farmer's market.  he read my mind.  minutes later we were in deering oaks in the heavy heavy rain getting all the supplies to make a big stew for dinner.

i got home, thrilled to know that i didn't need to go outside again, left my boots at the door and made a cup of hot tea. 
i went to work on my stew--chopping and cutting all the amazing ingredients.  take a look...


o says it was my best yet.  the hermit and i agree!

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  1. oh, memories of the crock pot meals you cooked in brookline! It makes me want to make a good stew or soup or... but alas, i dont really know how to cook! love you, jana


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