Friday, October 9, 2009

Guess who's coming for a visit?

This guy...all the way from DC.  He's bringing Bethie and his mom and dad along with him!

Sadly there will be no swimming during this visit, but we've got plans for apple picking, a hike, a belated birthday cupcake (or two!) and cruising around town!

In a recent email Beth noted that Brody's toothless grin just melts her heart.  I am so excited to see you all! xoxo!

But first, one quick day of work and then O and I are going to see Pilobolus tonight at the Merrill.  Remember when they were on the Academy Awards?  Can you name all the movies they acted out?

After that...we relax.  I wish you all a fantastic weekend.  Enjoy that extra day!


  1. I am having aggressive feelings towards Brody, he is so adorable!!!!!! Tell everyone hello from me.

  2. Extra day? Oh...Maine is one of those that celebrates Columbus attacking my people, eh? j/k. :)


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