Friday, October 30, 2009

funny videos

life is a laugh

i may be turning into my grandmother. not a bad thing. however my love of "funny videos"(what she used to call america's funniest videos) is worrisome. but answer this...where else would anyone want to be on a sunday evening at 7?

last friday when the chimney sweep came midmorning, oak left work to meet him at our house. in the midst of my busy day i got a text message from him. it read, "oh hello america's funniest home videos."

ah...i think found my match!

in the future there will be no more back-to-back saget/america's funniest home video posts...i promise. to clarify, my love of the show has zero to do with saget and his lame jokes.

happy weekend. here's to funny, friend filled, and (just the right amount of) spooky times!

photo credit: MrLomo

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