Thursday, October 8, 2009

crafting away...

last night we got together at tracy's for some dinner, girl time and to keep working on our projects.  i completed 2 hats, which i can't show just yet.  however, here is tobi modeling one of kari's...
this photo makes we want a dog that is mellow enough that it will wear hats without freaking out.  last christmas ian and his dog, carl, showed up at my parents house and carl was wearing a santa hat with a beard that was attached with a velcro strap.  it was hilarious, but carl wasn't having it and would get the hat off his head.  carl even tore it off jules (my parents' dog) when she was wearing it.  anyways...craft group is forging ahead and i'm so proud of my hats.  they are very homemade looking, but that makes me love them all the more.

wishing everyone a happy and productive thursday.  so excited for the upcoming long weekend!

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