Wednesday, October 14, 2009

christmas in october?

i was walking through the community gardens last weekend and look what i spotted...

that's right...a lettuce christmas tree!  the first year we started dating, o surprised me with a christmas tree for my apartment--complete with lights and a tree stand.  i opened my door to find him standing there with a 5 foot tree, which he'd crammed into the back of a cab from beacon hill to my place in brookline.

it goes down as one of my favorite memories.  we put the tree in the stand to let it settle in while we went to dinner at the fireplace in washington square.  when we came home, stuffed full and feeling cozy.  we decorated the tree with the lights and i made a paper star that i made (and have used every year since).

while i'm certainly not ready for christmas quite yet, i was happy to see that lettuce tree which brought back such sweet memories!


  1. And dont forget the little Channukah cactus he got me!!!


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