Friday, October 30, 2009

funny videos

life is a laugh

i may be turning into my grandmother. not a bad thing. however my love of "funny videos"(what she used to call america's funniest videos) is worrisome. but answer this...where else would anyone want to be on a sunday evening at 7?

last friday when the chimney sweep came midmorning, oak left work to meet him at our house. in the midst of my busy day i got a text message from him. it read, "oh hello america's funniest home videos."

ah...i think found my match!

in the future there will be no more back-to-back saget/america's funniest home video posts...i promise. to clarify, my love of the show has zero to do with saget and his lame jokes.

happy weekend. here's to funny, friend filled, and (just the right amount of) spooky times!

photo credit: MrLomo

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lost and Gone Forever

On Saturday we're meeting friends in Boston for some pumpkin carving, the Bunker Hill/Monument Square parade and the Guster show at the Orpheum.

Guster is playing two set, one of which is their album Lost and Gone Forever played in it's entirety. Should be great! The last time we saw them, when O and I both still lived in Boston many moons ago, this happened...

Ladies and gentleman...Bob F*cking Saget!

I'm trying to brainstorm a good Halloween costume. Any ideas?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


abe's little sweats with a red heart sewn on the back, that 3 years ago this week i completed the marine corps marathon, sunday's warm weather, craft night (it's tonight!), the thought of the ham, cheese and butter on a baguette at charles de gaulle on my upcoming layover, our new reading nook, all the great things i got from the clothing swap, that jani and abby will be together for thanksgiving, that last week i watched yes man and last night at space we saw the yes men, big things checked off the to do list, great travel companions for istanbul, vick's vitamin c drops...especially the pink ones, the silly direction giver in city hall, that laetitia showed up in my dream last night...oh hello, liz lemon's dealbreakers, brainstorms for new years, people who are really good at editing, talking through 2nd floor renovation ideas, yesterday's lunch date, elliott's enthusiasm, mom and dad's halloween creativity, getting re-energized to do some writing, working closely with people i really like and respect, pants that don't wrinkle easily, my merrill boots, hardboiled eggs and avocado, and looking at old photos.
it's wednesday my dears...make it a good one!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a perfect gift...& a 2 blog day

Em and Stew stopped by on Sunday afternoon on their way home to Boston.

Em brought me a bunch of gifts (not sure why?!), but one was my absolute favorite. Oh...quick tangent...has anyone had Absolut Boston? Black tea and elderflower infused vodka. So yummy, so not what I would assign to Boston, it's should be called Absolut Avonlea. Absolute Boston should be Fenway Frank infused vodka or something. Thanks to the Washburn family for bringing me back to Boston. Dee-lish.

Anyways, back to to my story about my favorite gift from was a framed Brian Andreas print that sums us up quite well.

You're the strangest person
I ever met, she said
& I said
you too
& we decided we'd
know each
a long time

-Brian Andreas

best. gift. ever. I have so many memories of riding the chilly chairlift at Sugarloaf with this lady and hearing about how she won a screaming contest, wasn't a spray butter eater, loves jay's belly button, and how she would walk around the lines of the basketball court during school dances. She's strange I tell you!

Who is the strangest person you've ever met?

a hat for brody!

i didn't get a good picture of brody with his new hat during his visit, but beth did. look at this cutie! i made a few and gave one to bouba and one to leslie for her baby (coming in january). they are really easy and super-duper adorable, no?

Monday, October 26, 2009

i heart the weekend!

we drove to new harbor on saturday afternoon. it was a rainy drive! when we arrived we cozied up on the couch and caught up with o's parents. we ate a delicious fish chowder with fresh bread and salad. i was stuffed and happy. the rain had stopped, so o's mom suggested an evening walk. we got our flashlights and headed out along the dark dirt road. we could hear the waves crashing on the rocks off in the distance. we made our way to the rocks (seen here in daylight)...

it was scary! as our eyes adjusted and we made our way down the path to the rocks i could see the white against the dark sky as the huge waves broke against the shore. we sat on the rocks taking it all in. when we arrived back home, i curled up on the couch with a chocolate chip cookie and my book. we could hear the rain pattering against the roof. we'd caught the break. it was a wet saturday and a wonderful saturday.

i awoke sunday in a perfect little bed in their beautiful post and beam cottage. the sunlight bright, the orange trees reflecting into the cove.

O's mom had laid out a yoga mat for me and we each did some much needed stretches in the livingroom, gazing out towards the water as I came to upward facing dog.

Then for a yummy breakfast and a walk with o's mom. Not cloud in the sky, the temperature at almost 60, the ground wet from the rain. We stopped at the rocks and took it all in, this time with our full sense of vision!

We headed back to Portland, stopping along the way to capture this tree.

O went to watch the football game, so I tackled our garage (cleaning for the wood that arrives on Thursday afternoon) and backyard. I pulled up the annuals and cut back our perennials, emptied pots, and filled the compost bin to the brim (smirk).

Here are the last of the dahlias for this year...

We even had some special visitors last night--more on that tomorrow! As I gear up for Istanbul, this weekend was an energetic boost. How was your weekend?

Friday, October 23, 2009


Last night the girls I got together for our weekly hangout and pushed forward on our goal of making lots of handmade Christmas gifts.  This time we met with fleece and washed wool sweaters in hand.  After a quick meal we got to work--making fleece lined mittens out of old sweaters.  For a novice seamstress such as myself, it was no easy task.    

The sweaters I used (courtesy of Kari...who was featured on style me pretty yesterday!)...

Here I am in the process of sewing the sweater cuffs on to the mittens...
And voila...
That makes it look easier than it was, but within 3 hours i had a pair of mittens!  These things are going to keep the lucky Christmas recipient's hands nice and warm.  Will it be you? 

Ooh and speaking of gifts, my friend Matt passed the Rhode Island Bar.  A few months ago I printed business cards for him that said:
Matt Fox

O made me wait to send them until it was official, we didn't want to jinx anything.  Well yesterday the business cards arrived at his door and I got the best thank you message.  If you ever need a lawyer to handle any sketch business or disputes in Rhodie...he's your guy!

Have a great weekend all and thanks for reading!

I'd like to thank my iPhone for always being around to take photos!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i simply adore this...

full disclosure: i have a joint crush on jim (john krasinski) and steve carell.  to be clear there is no crushing on michael scott, just steve carell.  o is aware.  i mean did you see the movie dan in real life?  anyways, this video makes getting hitched in niagara falls seem so romantic and it makes me want to dance.  i especially love the tissue boxes.  it also makes me glad that my office isn't like dunder mifflin.  

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

100 posts!

this is my 100th blog post.  woot-wooot! i remember when, not so long ago, i was stuck trying to pick the name of my blog and i feared posting each weekday would be a huge challenge.  little did i know my morning blog routine would  become a highlight of my day and something that comes quite easily.  a goal realized.

in honor of posting my 100th blog post, here are 100 other goals that i hope to accomplish in my lifetime.  those in italics fall a little bit more in the dream category than the goal category. in no particular order...

1. become a midwife
2. renovate an old house
3. pick up garbage in my community when i see it
4. get 8 hours of sleep a night
5. make a playlist containing all of my favorite songs
6. to go 3 months without buying anything (aside from food)
7. join a chorus 
8. to say yes to absolutely everything for one day
9. spend at least 30 minutes outside every day
10. take photos
11. take a road trip
12. finish my boston book
13. submit said book to 5 publishers
14. find ways to make our street more beautiful
15. take a sewing trip to kentucky for lessons from aunt helen
16. ski a black diamond and not fall the entire way down!
17. learn how to swim and not just paddle around
18. watch planet earth
19. knit a sweater
20. make a quilt
21. get to a place where i love my entire wardrobe
22. become a mom
23. have a small and unique wedding 
24. hike and camp for a week 
25. take a moment to give thanks each day
26. be sure that if i love someone they know
27. have a big backyard that my kids can play in
28. go to burlington, vermont
29. learn to play a few songs on the piano
30. do a yoga mala (108 sun salutations) once per season
31. stand up for what i believe...even when it isn't easy
32. explore san francisco
33. be my own best friend 
34. make time to read 
35. carpe. carpe. carpe.
36. have 100 blog followers
37. write down our family recipes
38. go on a yoga retreat
39. try acupuncture
40. have a dog
41. be as graceful in a headstand as elena brower
42. find a beer that i like (and can drink more than 1/2 a glass of)
43. remember birthdays and important dates of friends
44. run another marathon
45. always be a happy and sad crier
46. try etching glass
47. actually keep the good t-shirt ideas list
48. try a trapeze (yikes)
49. to not take more than i need
50. make an apple pie as yummy as tobi does
51. play games with my family
52. complete a new york times crossword puzzle
53. never forget the simple fun that jani and i could have on a sunday in brookline
54. have a thanksgiving with jani and the green's and my family again
55. go to sweden
56. be on jeopardy
57. make a burrito as good as anna's taqueria
58. have a big old farmhouse
59. live to see the day that jay buys emily a cat
60. own my paleness
61. go to graduate school 
62. publish 3 of the children's books i'm working on
63. go through life having had only one cup of coffee
64. learn to dance, so i'll stop trying to lead
65. never dye my hair
66. convince o to get rid of 1/2 of of his t shirt collection
67. to use what i have
68. age as gracefully as abby erdmann
69. design a wine bottle label
70. grow my rock collection
71. try to be a one car family for as long as we can be
72. make a time capsule
73. celebrate mountain day with my kiddos
74. be led on an amazing scavenger hunt
75. see fleetwood mac in concert
76. have caitlin deliver one of my bambinos
77. have lots of picnics
78. bake bread
79. build a treehouse
80. be flexible
81. be kind to the earth
82. watch emily complete a 10k
83. try new things in the garden
84. drink lots of water each day
85. hike kilimanjaro
86. sit for dinner with my family
87. more yoga!
88. keep actively saving
89. reuse and repurpose
90. waste less food
91. own a simple home by the sea
92. take o go-cart racing
93. learn spanish fluently
94. keep in touch with friends who live far away
95. take my birthday off from work each year of my life
96. to live to see my children's children
97. to be the lupine lady
98. to donate generously to my college
99. to someday be this old
100. keep on blogging, until there is nothing left to say!

video credit: leila chee

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recently seen outside of Philadelphia...

RG sent me this photo of himself the other day...wearing green, on green, on green!  I told him, but I will also tell you, this fashion look is no longer just for colorblind dads.  Try it!

This got me friends Abby and Ryan Green (who are with child) could do a fashion explosion with this concept.  

P.S.--RG are you wearing the matching shirt to the pants seen here?  If so, I recommend both for your next cougar (and a half) hunt!

Monday, October 19, 2009


o and i spent sunday morning insulating our basement.  this included a trip to home depot, lots of shop vac usage, cobwebs, masks, expandable foam and a massive roll of insulation.  it looks great and we're hoping it helps us stay a little warmer this winter.  

speaking of which, yesterday felt like winter. it was actually wintry mixing outside last night!  brrr.  in an attempt to warm up i took a hot shower, unfortunately the hot water heater had flame failure issue midway through.  my first less than 4 minute shower!  

this week (hopefully) brings us a cord of wood to stack.  however, before we have any fires in our stove we need to get some work done on the pipe that connects to the chimney.  

all in all it could be a cold one folks!  a slanket/snuggie may be in order.  either that or a hot water bottle!

Friday, October 16, 2009

yes (wo)man

...and she said "yes" :)
last night o and i watched yes man, which was entertaining.  the main character has to yes to anything he is presented with.  the movie got me thinking whether i could take one day (which no one else would know) and say yes to everything that came my way.  it would be an odd experiment and who knows where i would end up.  on a less drastic and potentially life altering scale, i know i could say yes to...

easy shopping for a new pair of jeans (i can't find my favorite style online anywhere),  being a tiny bit less of a homebody in these cool weather months, time spent with friends, receiving non-junk mail, getting outside to enjoy the fall air, taking more pictures, a few extra days off around thanksgiving, cleaning out the garage so we can stack wood for our stove, a new pair of homemade mittens (wait for it...), a big mug of peppermint tea, a super productive day at work, more episodes of weeds, a cat-free backyard, a fun date with o, bowling league, sneezing a little quieter, bread from standard baking company (ooh and those molasses cookies, too) and waking up tomorrow feeling rested.

what about you?  what could you say yes to right now?

image from favspotting

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the four minute shower

Shower timer

o won a four minute shower timer via twitter.  i didn't ask or more details, but now it is suctioned to the wall of our shower.  a four minute shower is really hard, but i love the challenge.  i fear on these cooler mornings it may get harder and harder--especially when at least 20 seconds is wasted waiting for the freezing cold water to warm up.  when i mentioned that i want to be better about flossing, abby suggested i floss in the shower.  however, i don't think i can squeeze it in!

if you find one of these timers (which are only a few dollars) in your travels, scoop it up and start saving water!  

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

christmas in october?

i was walking through the community gardens last weekend and look what i spotted...

that's right...a lettuce christmas tree!  the first year we started dating, o surprised me with a christmas tree for my apartment--complete with lights and a tree stand.  i opened my door to find him standing there with a 5 foot tree, which he'd crammed into the back of a cab from beacon hill to my place in brookline.

it goes down as one of my favorite memories.  we put the tree in the stand to let it settle in while we went to dinner at the fireplace in washington square.  when we came home, stuffed full and feeling cozy.  we decorated the tree with the lights and i made a paper star that i made (and have used every year since).

while i'm certainly not ready for christmas quite yet, i was happy to see that lettuce tree which brought back such sweet memories!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a full heart and a sore throat...

i ended last week wiped out, more tired than i've been in a while--so I was very ready for a long weekend.  on friday night we saw pilobolus at the merrill and had drinks at grace.  saturday brought the farmers market, some chores and cleaning before our friends arrived.  once they arrived it was life with a one year old, which is wild and tiring!  it also just fills your heart! 

we did lots of moving around, exploring, eating, sleeping, babbling and strolling.  we went for a hike on saturday and saw beautiful foliage in pownal.  
we had more friends over for a big fall feast that night, which included hot cider, chicken soup, baked squash with apples and cranberries and a delicious apple crisp with ice cream.  we topped it off with a game of celebrity/salad fun!  

sunday included yummy egg strada, taking the ferry to peaks and walking around, lunch at flatbread, a walk through the old port, brody's first bar, a cozy dinner and some mad men.

we made blueberry pancakes for breakfast on sunday and then hung around the house while brody got a nap.  we walked around the east end and grabbed lunch before the gang packed up for their travels home.  oak and i did a quick house clean and then had some couch time.  we met some friends for a drink at the front room.  we sat outside, which will likely be the last time until next spring.

we started tired and ended even more tired.  i made us some lemon honey tea, to try to keep our sore throats at bay.  we were in bed by nine o'clock, but it appears we had too much fun this weekend and the tea wasn't enough!  i'm on my second mug full now!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Guess who's coming for a visit?

This guy...all the way from DC.  He's bringing Bethie and his mom and dad along with him!

Sadly there will be no swimming during this visit, but we've got plans for apple picking, a hike, a belated birthday cupcake (or two!) and cruising around town!

In a recent email Beth noted that Brody's toothless grin just melts her heart.  I am so excited to see you all! xoxo!

But first, one quick day of work and then O and I are going to see Pilobolus tonight at the Merrill.  Remember when they were on the Academy Awards?  Can you name all the movies they acted out?

After that...we relax.  I wish you all a fantastic weekend.  Enjoy that extra day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

crafting away...

last night we got together at tracy's for some dinner, girl time and to keep working on our projects.  i completed 2 hats, which i can't show just yet.  however, here is tobi modeling one of kari's...
this photo makes we want a dog that is mellow enough that it will wear hats without freaking out.  last christmas ian and his dog, carl, showed up at my parents house and carl was wearing a santa hat with a beard that was attached with a velcro strap.  it was hilarious, but carl wasn't having it and would get the hat off his head.  carl even tore it off jules (my parents' dog) when she was wearing it.  anyways...craft group is forging ahead and i'm so proud of my hats.  they are very homemade looking, but that makes me love them all the more.

wishing everyone a happy and productive thursday.  so excited for the upcoming long weekend!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


one of the kids i used to work with at sws made me this bowl in a pottery class.  I simply adore it.
i like how each frog has a slightly different expression, this one appears to be cross-eyed and a little worried.  some of them look a little sad, but i just love how animated a lump of clay with a pair of eyes and a few lines can become.
thanks gabe...still loving my gift!  i hope you are well in the world.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a hermit's weekend...

o was away at school this weekend and as my workday came to a close on friday, i was exhausted.  i had plans to go to chebeague with jay and em.  i was all packed and ready to go, when i had a sudden change of heart.  the hermit in me wanted to stay home.  so i did.

that night i worked on knitting, cleaned the house  little, caught up on blogs, and watched some 30 rock.  i woke up on saturday and decided to go to an early yoga classes.  when i emerged from the class it was pouring rain.  the hermit in me smiled...this home weekend was shaping up quite nicely.  i got a call from jedd to see if i wanted to hit up the farmer's market.  he read my mind.  minutes later we were in deering oaks in the heavy heavy rain getting all the supplies to make a big stew for dinner.

i got home, thrilled to know that i didn't need to go outside again, left my boots at the door and made a cup of hot tea. 
i went to work on my stew--chopping and cutting all the amazing ingredients.  take a look...


o says it was my best yet.  the hermit and i agree!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A two post day! This one is for O...

O is not alone.   Yesterday I was caught wearing shades of green, on green, on green...on green! capital of the world!

Happy Anniversary Em and Stew

This picture was taken by Emily last night in our backyard of the huge spider I've been telling you about.  It is a little hard to make out--to the right of the piece of dried grass...yeah...that thing with the HUGE body.  He came out just for her, he's been in hiding since before their wedding.

I am so excited to blog about my weekend.  This morning I had it all planned out, but then I realized that it will need to wait for one day.  As today is a special day for dear Emily and Jay. 

Emily, who would have guessed that seven years ago today you would go on a date with a laser/mirror loving scientist, who knows every single person in Maine,....holy freaking appropriate...i was just spacing out and saw a little bird playing around over the fence in our backyard when BAM...a cat popped up from under the foliage and tried to eat the bird. Continuing on...and whom you would move to Southie for?

Jay, can you believe that seven years ago today you went on a date with a geology nerd, who is a culinary genius, and the best tap dancer east of the Piscataqua?  Good snag JBS!

Happy seven year you crazy kids!  Can't wait to celebrate many more.

Friday, October 2, 2009

friday love...

today i'm loving...
the new yoga pants i got from etsy (seen above)for $20, the motivation i feel in the fall, getting to see em and stew this weekend, rediscovering knitting, that pat tried to name our wednesday craft group 'the knittin kittens'!, that we haven't needed to mow the lawn in weeks, cool mornings, , how much collette loves to be swaddled, work productivity, looking back on old journals, yummy homemade pizza, my morning routine, knowing that abby and jani get to visit in colorado, handmade gifts, a post-work run, daydreaming about all the fun trips i want to take next year, all the babies coming in 2010, that brody is a proud one year old, kind neighbors, imagining the goodies i'll scoop at the upcoming clothing swap at work, what a good mom kate is to her dog marlee, flintstone's vitamins, that oak has just one (quick) year left at business school, the big clean we have planned for sunday morning, the $5 pashminas i got in istanbul, waking before my alarm, typing with the smell of sweet annie close by, that tracy can make anything (so talented!), bagels and cream cheese in the morning, casual friday, and all the sweet comments and emails friends have been sending me about the blog.  

enjoy this weekend and all that it offers your way!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a colorful week...

happy october.  rumor has it that the foliage this year is going to be exceptionally vibrant this fall. preparation for this colorful month I've been trying to find the color in my daily life to get ready for the season.  the photo above is from hanging out last night with tracy, kari, colette, and christina.  more colorful handmade goodness to come from this group!

earlier this week we were at a surprise birthday party where we filled the entry way with balloons.  so fun!
i found this incredible sunflower at the community gardens near our house, which are popping with color.
these colorful yoga mats grace the home of people we love very dearly...
some colorful buoys from the workshop.  if i were a lobsterwoman my buoys would be polka dotted.  what about you?
our peppers didn't do so hot this year, but check out these spicy and shiny ones from the fair!
argyle bikerider---seen in our kitchen...
ooh...i spotted this lovely outside of my workplace. isn't it great?!
i leave you with one last photo, one that isn't particularly colorful, but one that completely brightened our day on one particularly chilly morning!
happy october!
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