Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lakeside in Liberty...

After the fair O and I drove to Liberty and hung out by (and in) the lake until our other friends arrived.  The leaf colors across the lake were really beautiful, so we decided to go check them paddleboat!

we took this unflattering portrait just after we did a few intense time trials and right before we noticed the boat had taken on a little water.
we headed back towards the dock and I played around with my camera for a while.  i was lucky enough to capture the day o wore, what he realized just before bed was, green on green on green!  I told him it was green on green on tan, wouldn't you agree?!
i'll end with this picture, which i took just before everyone moved inside for the evening.  the sun was setting and it had started to get really cold.  i love how long the shadows are in this one.
oh that was a lie.  i have one more picture to share courtesy of emily.  she took this on her honeymoon.  how sweet is this paddleboat?
ooh, one more thing...i found out yesterday was mountain day at mount holyoke (where I went to college).  this is the day where classes are cancelled once every fall, but you never know what day it will be until you hear the chapel bells ringing early in the morning.  it is always a day that is quintessentially fall.  i simply love this time of year with the warmer days and cooler nights!  have a great day all.  get our there and enjoy it! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Common Ground Fair through the five senses...

the common ground fair was an amazing sensory experience.  
come see what i mean!

the sight of... 
kids content to play for hours with a hill and pieces of cardboard
 and this sign!

the sound of...

this guy brought me back to my sheep raising days
a taste of...
what it would be like to be an alpaca or llama farmer

the smell of...
a tent full of sheep's wool
bundles of sweet annie

running your hands across...
this beautiful hand-dyed yarn
and wishing this guy would come a little closer so you could feel his fleece

it was a great way to spend a saturday.  o and i drove through the hills and farm lands to a lake in liberty in the afternoon.  i'll post pictures tomorrow.  we left the fair and our drive ready to convert our garage into a barn with chickens (fresh eggs abby!) and maybe a sheep to nibble our grass.  we'd be true urban farmers.  stay tuned!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Young @ Heart...

I spent Sunday afternoon watching Young @ Heart, a documentary about the Young @ Heart chorus group from the Northampton, Massachusetts area.  The group is made up of seniors all over the age of 73 and they sing versions of various rock, pop, punk, etc. songs.  The documentary was absolutely magnificent.  

It was rainy and I wanted some place cozy to watch this, so I brought my computer up to our third floor.  I pulled big comforters around me and nestled in for an incredible show that I didn't want to end.  Ever.

You will fall in love with each of the group members, if you are like me you will cry at least a dozen times, but you will laugh alot too, and you will never ever think of the song "Fix You" by Coldplay the same again.

Add it to your Netflix queue--I promise this movie will inspire you and get you thinking.  Here is the trailer if you need anymore convincing...

Here is to being alive and well in this very moment!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rural living and compost envy!

This weekend O and I are going Maine's greatest fair--the Common Ground Country Fair--and I am so excited.  I can't wait to get back in touch with my 4-H club roots and see some sheep, take pictures, eat yummy foods, be surrounded by hippies, see some incredible crafts, be at a fair without a nasty midway, hopefully find O a fainting goat, and just be outside in what is supposed to be some fantastic fall weather.  

So in honor of rural living and earth loving I present you with my dad's compost pile.

It's huge.  He turns it with his tractor.  O and I have our big drum tucked away in the back yard, which we turn with a little stick.  Oh...compost envy.   

In the words of my gold!  I am struck by how smart nature and my dad are when it comes to this stuff! Dad constructed this cool A frame with wire to sift out the soil before putting it to good use.

We have my dad to thank for our beautiful gardens this year.  He came down with a truckload of rich soil for us to use...and all the plants!

Thanks Dad!  We're loving our backyard and it wouldn't have been possible without you (and mother nature's) help.

Happy weekend all.  Get out there and carpe these wondrous days.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A two post day!! Season 4

Yesterday Disc 1, Season 4 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia arrived in the mail.  Today it heads back to Netflix.  We ripped through all 5 episodes, watching the last few on my laptop in bed.  I was sure one of us was going to fall asleep.  Suddenly, something ridiculous happened on the show and O started laughing the hardest I've ever seen him laugh. EVER.  Simple pleasures I tell you!

my new fresh threads!

last week i got a package in the mail from the 2 Fresh Threads as a thank you for helping them this summer, which was completely unnecessary...however the gifts they sent are just too lovely to decline.  it was a sweet apron and matching pot holder.

the perfect size for me and boubacar!

i'm trying to figure out how i can wear this thing to work.  i love it!  thanks 2 Fresh Threads!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


we hit the trails of bradbury mountain state park on the perfect summery fall day this past weekend.  lauren. victoria, boubacar, o, carl (my bro's dog), and i had a power breakfast before making our way up the trail.  we took the boundary trail, which was a perfect distance!  bouba crashed out mid-hike, but woke for the incredible view from the summit.  sadly, the most visible object from the top was the power plant on cousin's island.  em, i cursed the day it was built on your behalf!

i adore this picture of everyone at the top, just doing their thing.

here is carl's blog debut...

i leave you with one of lauren teaching bouba her greatest invention to date:  the high five!

It was the beginning of fall fun...and there's more to come!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009



going apple picking. the first leaves to change on a tree.  wearing a favorite sweater.  squirrels with chubby cheeks.  a day a the flea market.  a blaze of colors.  logs cracking in the fireplace.   indian summer.  pulling out warm hats.  leaves falling around you.  cool nights.  long shadows.  children playing in a pile of crinkly leaves.  mountain day.  costumes.  sleeping with a heavy down comforter.  hot mulled cider.  homemade apple pie.  a flock migrating south in perfect formation. fresh corn.  a weekend away.  the smell of fallen leaves.  a scarecrow wearing familiar jeans.  taking a hay ride.  leaf peeping on a sunday hike.  pumpkin carving.  mounds of produce at the farmers market.  warm socks for cold feet.  gaining an hour.  giving thanks.  oddly shaped gourds.  a mug of chicken soup.  crisp mornings.  the last tree that changes.

wishing you a glorious autumn.

what did i forget?  what are your favorite fall things?

Monday, September 21, 2009


saturday morning brought a trip to the deering oaks farmers market.  a quick stop at the snell family farm stand and i had a huge bag of cukes for pickling.  this was the only sleepy request o made as i quietly snuck out of the room.  that evening we got garlic, dill, pickling spices, salt, vinegar, and ball jars.  we transformed our kitchen into a pickling factory.  

here is the bag o' cukes.

ere are the jars loaded with chopped cukes, dill and garlic.

adding all the spices...

here is the almost finished product.
i don't even like pickles and my initial taste test on sunday night was de-lish.  they taste like half-sours, which makes me want a sandwich and some chips!

any pregnant ladies out there craving some pickles? or any pickle fans want a taste?

Friday, September 18, 2009

turning over a new leaf or two...hopefully!

ladies and gentlemen, the picture above is the area around a kitchen sink.  however in our house this is referred to not by what it is, but what it isn't.  as in...this is not a staging area.

i have a bad habit of putting things in the staging area instead of just putting them directly in the dishwasher.  so, i am going to try harder to keep our kitchen a little tidier, put stuff away right after i use it, and insert dirty stuff right here....
and while i'm mentioning things i'd like to be better about, i'd also like to start flossing more regularly.  in 2008 i flossed every single day.  every single one!  my deal with myself was that every day i didn't floss i had to give a dollar to a cause that I didn't support.  for me it was our former president.  the thought of giving him a dollar is what would get me flossing or out of bed if i forgot.  it's silly, but it worked.  somewhere in the first few months of 2009 i fell off the wagon.  might this be the downside of having a president that i like?! i'm not blaming obama, but i'm just saying...i'd like to get better about flossing, too!

have a happy weekend, all.  get out there and enjoy this great weather, but don't forget to load your crap into the dishwasher and floss!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

breaking bread!

this week has brought so many dinners with friends our way.  monday night christina and i devoured yummy sandwiches, tuesday night we grilled with jedd, elliott and rohre, last night courtney prepared a mexican feast (complete with cold cucumber avocado soup...yummm) and tonight i have the pleasure of dining italian style with tracy and trent.  i'm bringing the tomato sauce i made from all of my goodies at the farmers' market.  the tomatoes right now are so delicious, especially these little guys.  the really little ones are from my garden.

here is one from the dinner archives, which i've included for laetitia since i'm pushing up my glasses in the photo.
all these fun nights mean that no laundry has been done, no jeopardy has been watched, the to do list is growing, and the house is only staying clean because of o.  ah, but this is the good stuff...eating wonderful food while surrounded by friends...isn't that what life is all about?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

las favoritas...

here are a few favorite things and things i am loving right now...
farmer's market day, christina's kindness, my late-blooming and super fragrant sweet peas, the sunset (seen above) driving home from mackworth island on monday night, the frozen bag of bluebs in our freezer, these AMAZING pictures from em and stu's wedding by the ever talented kari herer, the front of our fridge, elliott's idea to do dioramas with peeps next easter, cool photography, when jay starts laughing really hard, remembering the time in brookline booksmith when tobi and i found the onion book and the entry about florida, rosemont market, the idea of reading this book that is coming in the mail soon, planning a hike for this saturday, having guests stay overnight at our house, the bartender who told fox to "settle down ass clown" before he even said one word, that emily took jay's middle and last name--emily bernard stewart...hehe, tickets to pilobolus at the merrill october 9th, beginning to think about fall...and fall fun, google chats with jani, my polka dot heels from payless, caitlin's passion for women's health, getting motivated for some creative projects, this picture series from the image is found, getting ready to go the common ground fair next weekend, early early saturday morning grocery shopping, the sun streaming in the window and through my hair, and that i had my most blog hits ever on monday!

what is it that you're loving right now? send me your list! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ain't Life Grand

Don't you agree? The week before Jay and Em's wedding a bunch of the guys went out on a sailing trip.  Lyme Disease prevented O going.  Thumbs down.  However, last weekend O's family and I were able to greet the men who'd been out at sea as they docked for the night in New Harbor. 

Between seven and eight guys were on the boat for just under a week, ending their sail in Portland in time for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Mikail had these shirts made for the guys.  The back story is that Jedd and Toddd's parents' boat, Ain't Life Grand, has a spinnaker with a huge pink panther drinking a martini on it. Hence the shirts...

Oh, but you can't have a shirt without pants.  They thought of that, too!
The Ain't Life Grand Crew showed up at Em and Stew's rehearsal dinner with matching pants.  Thanks to Cordarounds for outfitting the boys in green gingham.  Toddd, the mastermind behind the pants sadly forgot his pair on the boat.  Never has a group of Colgate Beta's looked so good...although most were surprised they didn't get beat up on the way to the rehearsal or walking to the dinner.  

There were questions about if the pants were made of crepe paper or if they would dissolve if they got wet, people insisting they were going to wear them full-time, and Mikail planned to travel back to Pakistan in these...his new favorite pants.

They have matching mugs, red sailing hats, Ain't Life Grand Crew shirts, and green pants.  Guys...what will it be next year?  Suggestions welcome...I'll see that they get to the captain of the ship!  

Monday, September 14, 2009

This gift was not on the registry... you remember this picture of me lecturing a lobster?  I told you to stay tuned for more info...well here it is.  Our wedding gift to Em and Stew was a lobster.  But not just any lobster...we rented the lobster in the photo, the one that stands and waves on Commercial Street, to stand at the Casco Bay Ferry Terminal as guests boarded the M/V Island Romance.  The guy who usually is the body inside the suit quit a few weeks ago, so we got our buddy Josh to stand in...and sweat in.

The process started with making the sign...

Then we got Josh the suit and waited for the guests to arrive.  After this first shot we asked the lobster to lose the "Eat Me" shirt...he obliged.

A friend who posed next to Josh Lobster said that as a photo was being taken of them she heard a muffled, "Why am I smiling for the camera, too?"...I think he was having a good time. Although a very hot time.  When we had him take off his hat to meet RG his head was literally steaming, bright red, and drenched in sweat.  The sign of a good lobster, no?

My favorite shot of the day was RG holding hands with our wedding gift.

I was glad to see that my sign made it all the way through to the late-night island bonfire.
The only problem with shopping off the registry is that our gift can't be returned.  Sorry're going to have to keep this one!
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