Monday, August 31, 2009

Home again...

O came home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, after being in since Wednesday with complications from Lyme Disease.  Yesterday morning I went to the hospital and the combination of the gorgeous day and a 5 day stay had him ready to bust out.  When we finally got the word that he could go home it was a huge relief.

Here are a few pictures from the stay...

another for the from the waist down series

when O was finally allowed to walk around, these were his hiking options...

a sweet present from Jedd (view #1)

a sweet present from jedd (view #2).  crafty and so sneaky!

while waiting for his exit paperwork, O got a visit from Bay one of the therapy dogs.  Bay walked right up and put her paws on the bed so O could pet her.  Bay was modeling in this shot.  When I said, "Oh I want to get a photo!"...she turned her head and smiled.
So glad to have O home!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday favorites...

A list of some of my favorite things!

Red Raspberries Galore
Fresh raspberries.  Sketch books.  Waking up well rested.  Color progression. Promptly sending thank you notes.  A cold glass of water.  A sense of purpose.  Smiling at a stranger.  Evening rain and thunder after a humid day.  Treehouses.  Bikes with baskets.  Cozy couches.  A mishmash of dishes and plates.  A new font to love.  Bagpipes.  Phosphorescence.  Black and white photos.  Visits from friends.  Fall days.  Big white beds.  A bagel and cream cheese.  Receiving letters.  Liz Lemon.  Great window displays.  Attacking a to-do list.  Biking around Boston at night. Avocado. Creative gifts from friends.  Standard baking treats.  

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Photo credit: AABoras

Thursday, August 27, 2009


When you fall in love
Today's post is a simple reminder to love.  Love big.  Love well. Love life. Love often. Love the here and love the right now. Think love.  Send love.  Be love.  Feel love.

I sent it.  Did you feel it?


p.s. big birthday love to my big bro on this fine thursday!

Flickr Photo Credit: Ngoc Ha

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

a handwritten note

yesterday brought just one simple thing in the mail, which is so often just flyers and junk and bills.  it was a sweet handwritten note from emily.  hands down the kindest, well worded and sweetest thank you card i have ever received.  o read it and said, "i've never gotten a card that nice!"

so miss emily, future mainer (soon? please!), queen of hearts, darling of snohomish, big a thanks to you for sending along the sweetest note there will be a nature photo of the biggest spider i've ever seen outside of australia with my finger close by for perspective on the way to you as soon as he/she comes out of hiding.  it will be blogworthy...wait for it!

p.s. unrelated, but the white paint in the driveway mystery grows...i woke up this morning to find half of a lime lying in the driveway.  what's the deal?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A special Monday lunch...

I met my dad for lunch yesterday, which was such a great treat. He was in Portland and the timing was perfect. We split a salad and pizza at Flatbread. Lemonade and an iced tea on the deck. Chatting away. A quick drive to our house to see the garden and get some ideas from the master gardener. Lunch hour couldn't get any better. This was especially nice being my first day back to work!

The picture above is the only bumper sticker that I think either of my parents have ever (ever!) put on their car. This one is on my dad's work truck. This guy embodies nice. The bumper sticker fits him.

So, as you wander around your world today remember...just be nice! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm loving...

the tomato plants just popping 'em out, cucumbers with nearly every meal (sorry o!), flintstone's vitamins, time away from work, that we have 5 lbs. of yummy maine blueberries in the freezer, lunch with my dad in portland today, hearing mom think about moving towards technology (go mom!), the new book i'm reading, trying to solve the mystery of the white paint drips and splatters in our backyard and driveway, time spent with the wnek's, my new collapsible fan that tobi brought me from japan that i've already put to use, the visitors we have coming up this weekend, dancing to bluegrass at caitlin's wedding, thinking about being with jani and tobi in coolidge corner trying to cross the intersection and being doubled over in laughter with tears just streaming out of my eyes, the less humid moments, o cruising down the street on his longboard, visits from jai (our little  4 or 5 year old neighbor), today's word of the day: freedom, the good house clean that is in our future, when felicity said "you're pretty tan...aren't you usually really pale?", wandering around portland with o yesterday, jeanne's new blog, reconnecting with old college friends this past weekend, this squirrel picture ( the link), that my bro has a b-day this week, and that mini-airedale/wheaten terrier that we saw in front of figa yesterday.  

lastly, i'm loving kim the wolf (seen here) and her big big heart when it comes to dog rescue (times 5).  check out sarge, just one of her rescue dogs, seen below. as a side note, she has a dog named nancy reagan.

what are you loving right now?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Right now...

Popping Soap Bubble

It's been early mornings for me since returning from my trip.  I try to make myself sleep in but I can't get past the 6 o'clock hour.  Jani insists I take a nap each afternoon, but I don't want to miss a moment of her time here.  I just want to be near her, talking, laughing, being.  We're driving to Boston today.  Tonight I'll have a mini college reunion at Caitlin and Blair's wedding.  Many of the ladies I haven't seen in years and it will be so nice.  I just simply adore Caitlin and Blair and I am so excited for all that is ahead of them. 

Tomorrow is the farewell I've been dreading for a while.  Tobi is driving in from Ithaca (her new home as of a few days ago!) and she, Jani and I will spend the day together before Jani's big move to Colorado.  These two ladies were so much of my Boston time.  Now we all find ourselves in different places, which I guess is just part of it, but it doesn't make it any better or easier.  When I think about our friendship, I know that we each couldn't be more different, yet we fit together so nicely.  And the laughter never ceases.  I can remember a time before I knew either Jani or Tobi, but I can also remember the exact moment when I met each of them.  

At Christina's house there are these tiny pods on a plant in her backyard.  They dangle off the plant as if everything is normal.  However, the instant you touch them they pop, exploding and shooting out in every direction.  That is how I feel about these next 48 everything seems normal, but I am afraid to get too close, afraid to touch it, afraid of this middle place before the inevitable pop, afraid that in a blink of an eye it will all be different.

The reality is that I know that when I get back in the car on Saturday afternoon and head home it will have popped, it will be different, it will mean we are shot off in various directions to places we will call home...Portland, Ithaca, Boulder.  It will mean roadtrips and adventures and visits.  It will also mean lots of hugs in the next 48 hours!

Photo credit: richard.heeks

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Patterns and sites...

The Blue Mosque

The domes of the Blue Mosque

There were corn vendors all over the city, thus corncobs all over the city.

I loved the step into the mosque, worn down over time by the millions of visitors.

Gazing up towards the dome.

Here is a dome from another mosque we visited near the bazaar.

A shot from inside Hagia Sophia 

I loved the marble floors inside Hagia Sophia.

Later that day we visited a very modern mosque on Istanbul's Asian side,

I was obsessed with the gates and the patterns.

Here are some of the ceramics and tiles/tilework that I saw in the colors.

Well gang, there are more photos, but I think this concludes the postings about Istanbul.  With summer in full swing here in Maine, I need to blog about the here and now! Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For sale...

 Spices from the market

Rugs in the Bazaar at Adnan & Hasan's shop (friends of Kathy Brandes)


Dried Apricots

Honeycomb, in a shop with just honey

This is cheese wrapped in a pelt.  The sign reads: If you know you know.  I'll pass.  You?


And at the next food.

Fresh veggies.

A button shop.

Beautiful Turkish Towels.

Window shopping.

Fresh figs.

Just a few of my photos.  I'll post more each day.  I crashed hard last night and woke early this morning.  Feels nice to be home! 

Monday, August 17, 2009

Hadi Bye Bye

Blue with airplanes

Packing my bags and wrapping things up. Today was the hottest it's been during our trip. We did some good exploring and had some yummy meals. We head out tomorrow at 6:30am for the airport. I arrive in Boston tomorrow afternoon around 3pm and Jani is picking me up at the airport and then coming up to Maine for a few days! Hooooray. That is keeping me going. I can't wait to see her! Currently charging up the computer--so I can watch It's Always Sunny on the plane for a few hours.

Depending on my level of exhaustion, I may load my photos tomorrow night. If not tomorrow, then on Wednesday for sure.

Hadi Bye Bye!

photo credit: fluffysam

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, sunday...

Blue Mosque, detail
We tried to slow down like the rest of the folks in Istanbul today. Instead of bopping all over the city we had breakfast and then the ladies came to my suite where we worked throughout the morning and afternoon. Emails. Decisions. Follow-up. Figuring out what is left on the list. We went out to visit Kathryn in Şişli around 5. We left exhausted and abandoned our plan for the evening. Remember...we're slowing down on this day of rest. We hunkered down in some comfy chairs and got a lite dinner. Now I'm getting ready to watch a few episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and then go to bed. Ahhh...bliss! Tomorrow brings a visit to an unexplored neighborhood, a trip to Asia, wrapping up a bunch of small things on the list and packing up.
Being scrubbed by a naked older woman who is chain smoking at a hamam (Turkish bath) will have to wait until my visit in November. You've got to have something to look forward to!
Photo credit: Timothy Neesam

Saturday, August 15, 2009

So much to see...

Istanbul  Grand Bazaar
Today was too much. Too much to see, too much to take in, too many people. My head is spinning. We woke up early this morning and checked out of our hotel and into the Ceylan Intercontinental, but our rooms weren't ready yet! We took the funnicular to the tramway, where we met up with some Mainers who've been living in Istanbul for the past 13 years--an aunt and uncle (along with their daughter, son-in-law and darling grandchild, Teal) of one of O's co-workers. It turns out they knew Michael and Kathy, too from their time living in Istanbul.
They showed us around the bazaar, which was not too crowded when we arrived and completely incredible. It was so easy to get turned around. I was sucked in by all the colors and things in one place. I was overwhelmed, so I didn't buy all that much.
We ate lunch at the Istanbul Modern. Unfortunately a HUGE cruise ship was docked directly in front of the deck, so our view of the Bosphorus was blocked. We made our way to the hotel and were shown to our rooms. I mean suites...truly, utterly ridiculous in the best way. I have two bathrooms, 7 chairs, a bed, a shower, two TVs, and a full view of the Bosphorus...not a cruise ship in sight. I wish I had some of my favorite buddies here to keep me company. One little lady in one massive room.
We spent the late afternoon by the pool regrouping and figuring out what we have left to do. There was some amazing people watching, too. Actually this entire city is the best people watching I think I've ever seen. Dinner at Otto and now back at the hotel.
Trying really hard to stay present and not get pulled into thinking about the details of the slower more simple life back home. The thought of seeing Jani pull up in her car (packed to the brim) at Logan is too much for me to even think about!
Happy weekend all!
photo credit: Colleen K

Friday, August 14, 2009

walk on...

Millions of heads

here is a photo from istanbul's pedestrian street. hello people! this has been a part of each day that we've been in istanbul--lots of great restaurants are located on or a few streets off this major walkway. most of today we were out and about (away from our hotel area) visiting asitane restaurant, the museum of turkish and islamic art, and taking wild cab rides. kate is convinced that everyone should receive ginger chews or ginger altoids in their welcome packs when they arrive. i agree!

moving on...tonight we decided to check out a restaurant for one of the dinners we need to plan, which was along the pedestrian street. we started walking. on the way there were saw lots of police in protective gear with shields and heard chanting. there was a big protest and an already crowded street became a very crowded street. hello claustrophobia. i was afraid i was going to get trampled. kristen and i tucked into a store and kate pulled off into the next alley. we survived and enjoyed a lovely dinner.

we are heading to the intercontinental tomorrow morning and then to the grand bazaar and spice market. hopefully i will get lots of good pictures to share with you!

photo credit: guzi4real

Thursday, August 13, 2009

first tastes...

hello blog followers!
a late night post for me...already friday in this part of the world. we got alot done today and had some yummy food while busy at work. i had my first simit today...

a sesame seed covered baked bread. i enjoyed mine with cheese and tomato...thanks for the recommendation from kristen!
tonight we went to taste the food at a place called Cezayir, which will hold a big dinner during the conference. the food was delicious and the atmosphere was really wonderful. there were so many amazing flavors! my favorite was chick pea balls with grape molasses and hot tomato sauce. i have some pictures on my camera, so i will upload when i get home.
i experienced a first and definite last during dessert--rose water pudding with frozen tropical fruits. i was so excited for it to arrive and scooped up the first bite. it is what i imagine it would be like if you were to eat your grandmother's rose scented bath salts. oh but can anything top the pistachio and tahini ice cream from last night?
i'll be on the hunt for the ice cream spoons that are little shovels when we go to the bazaar!
photo credit: didemgecegezer

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Constantinople sans camera cord!

Istanbul - Blue Mosque [A3]

hello all! i think i may have forgotten by cord to download photos from my camera---doh! i am looking and will hopefully find it tucked away in one of my bags. until then i will share a few things:

  • em and stew, you'll be happy to know that i came across a sweet cat colony today. if you want me to scoop one up for you as an early wedding gift, just let me know.
  • ian, i found a big container of dried apricots at a market today. guess who i thought of?
  • best hummus i've ever had today. australia ladies, i think even better than what we found?! is that possible?
  • why wasn't i warned about the crazy drivers here--taking a taxi is like having a baby heart attack...repeatedly!
  • kate and i think we are learning turkish just by listening to kathryn interact with everyone. my recent water purchasing experience makes me think otherwise.
  • visited some amazing mosques today...can't wait to share pictures.
  • today we were in asia!
  • we passed a cheese shop today with a cheese wrapped in a animal pelt--kathryn translated the sign which read "when you know" which made me laugh.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello Istanbul!

Hi Gang! I've arrived in Istanbul after a full day of traveling. All in all the travel was pretty good...not much sleep was had (even though I rocked an eye mask and had an empty seat next to me on both flights). I've had a few system crashes, but I am finally getting ready to call it a night.

Take a peak at my digs...

I'm hoping to get some good sleep, so I can gear up for out busy day tomorrow. We went out tonight to a meyhane for dinner--yummy food, but I don't have much of an appetite yet. We walked along Istikal Caddesi and it was so busy. I was in a daze--too much to look at.

Tomorrow brings a tour of Aya Sofia and the Blue Mosque with a guide we're testing out for a bunch of tours during the conference, followed by a trip to the Asian side of Istanbul. We cap the night off with dinner at Mikla, where we will finalize our Board dinner. I will post pictures, likely around this time tomorrow.
Happy Tuesday to you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Here is the plan...

holy suitcases batman

Merhaba!  That is hello in Turkish and the ONLY thing I can remember how to say! I depart today and I hope to take you all along with me.  I'm going to try to blog while I'm there, but we'll see how it goes.  I'm planning to bring my camera, however I may just post iPhone pictures (read: generally ish quality, but easy) and give you a real photo tour of Istanbul when I return.


Photo Credit: katiekathryn

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